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WW1 Aviation Links

Fokker Team Schorndorf

On this site you will learn all about the Fokker-Team-Schorndorf - a group of young men - who devoted themselves to discover the knowledge about German aircraft development up to 1920.

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Red Baron Foundation

Dedicated to the birth place of Manfred von Richthofen and restoring the his house to his mother opened, museum and Mausoleum.

Red Baron Partners

Red Baron Partners Links

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Jasta Boelcke

Jasta Boelcke are devoted to Hauptmann (captain) Oswald Boelcke and his famous Jasta 2.

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WW1 and Early Aviation Image Archive

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The Aerodrome

Aces and aircraft of Word War 1

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The Aerodrome Forum

The Best WW1 forum on the web!!!

Topics related to WWI aircraft, personnel, models and much more.

Boelcke's Dicta

Oswald Boelcke doctrine of the German Air Service

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World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc

Those Magnificent Flying Machines of 1900-1919, and 1920-1940

Their enthusiasts, including: Builders, Historians, Modelers, Restorers, Museums and Collectors

Vintage Aviation, Inc.

A meeting place for potential buyers and sellers of WW1 memorabilia, products and services

Cross & Cockade International

The Society of First World War Aero Historians

Over The Front

League of World War One Aviation Historians

An Illustrated History of W W1 Aviation told with specifications, pictures, photos, biographies of the aces, and aircraft designers.

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A re-examination of the question:
Who killed the Red Baron?

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A list of German Airmen grave location and Units 

Frontflieger - die Soldaten der Deutschen Fliegertruppe 1914 - 1918

Holcomb's Aerodrome

Early aviation on  Pioneer Era, Great War and Golden Age aircraft. photographs, drawings, technical details and vintage advertisements

The Blaur Max

The Pour le mérite

The Aero Conservancy
A virtual museum of aviation artifacts from the period 1914-1918

The Great War Aeroplanes Association
Enthusiasts of World War I era Aeroplanes and host of the Dawn Patrol Rendezvous

Australian War Memorial  

Russell Smith Studios
WW1 Aviation Artwork and Prints

Classic Fighters
The Aerodrome provides a world-class destination for the historic aircraft air show and museum

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