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Steve Anderson is an Artist Member of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA),  Steve has a BA, Fine Arts and an MA, Painting and Sculpture from the California State University, Fresno. Steve’s early career included teaching at the College and University levels. Steve Anderson is an Emmy Award winner with 20 years experience in design and production with Walt Disney Imagineering In 1989 Steve received a Primetime Emmy Award in Special Visual Effects for ABC’s mini-series, "War and Remembrance".

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Lucky 13

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Last Dance with the Baron

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The Barons Last Sunset

Winner Takes All.jpg (592385 bytes)

Winner Take All

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The Brothers Richthofen

Voss's 45th_Art.jpg (406878 bytes)

Voss's 45th.

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The Joust

Iron Eagle.jpg (162734 bytes)

Iron Eagle

The New Machine_ART.jpg (729354 bytes)

The New Machine

New Machine

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Aces High

Fatal Mistake

The Hunters_Art.jpg (328487 bytes)

The Hunters


The Ringmaster

The Barons Last Sunset

Jasta 11 Glory

F.I 102/17

MvR's 71st Behind the Lines

Ltn. Hans Korner Jasta 19

Wenzl and Weiss aerodrome

The Death Dealer

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