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Stan Stokes - In Pursuit of Excellence

Stan Stokes is a California native who developed a passion for vintage cars, trains and airplanes at an early age. Model building and RC planes filled the many hours of the young enthusiast's free time. However, unlike most other young aviation enthusiasts Stokes also displayed a great gift for artistic talent. After studying art in Junior College in Southern California Stan decided to pursue a career as a professional artist. Stokes initially focused his great talents on depicting uniquely realistic landscapes of Western desert and mountain scenes. More than twenty-five years ago a good friend suggested that Stan combine his passion for aviation history and flying with his artistic talents, and render an aircraft or two. The rest is now history. Winner of the prestigious Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's award for his painting of Jimmy Mathern's Lockheed 12-A in 1984, Stokes' originals are now in the collections of all the major aviation museums in this country. Stan has also completed several impressive murals for these museums as well, including a 106-foot long life-size scene depicting the Battle of Britain, which was displayed at the Planes of Fame Museum in Minnesota.  In 1997 Stan completed the entrance mural for the new Palm Springs Aviation Museum, and he is currently finishing-up a 12 ft by 120 ft mural what serves as a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen. This will be displayed for several months at Los Angeles International Airport. Stan was the recipient of the R.G. Smith award for excellence in naval aviation painting in 2000. Stan has had the pleasure of meeting and working with many of his boyhood aviation heroes, including the late General Jimmy Doolittle, the lae Pappy Boyington, and Chuck Yeager. A true aviation history buff, Stokes often spends as much time pouring over research materials for his paintings, as he does behind the canvas. Noted for his incredible detail, and strikingly realistic illustration, Stokes' canvases have a life-like three-dimensional effect that often leaves viewers spellbound. Although Stan has logged many hours flying his own airplanes, in recent years pleasure flying has had to take a backseat to the artistic demands of his multi-year backlog. Stan was commissioned to paint more than twenty original paintings for a new aviation museum being established in the Philippines. NASA has also tapped Stan's talents from time to time and he has completed more than fifteen paintings for that organization. Stan particularly enjoys the tough assignment. Under contract to paint fifteen originals a year for publication by The Stokes Collection, his Carmel, California publisher, Stan has been asked to render many aircraft that he had never done before during his thirty plus year career as a professional artist. One of Stan's other interests is classic cars and automobile racing. Over the years he has been asked to paint many automotive paintings at the request of his loyal aviation art collectors. In 1993 Stan painted Mario Andretti's, Nigel Mansell's, and Bobby Rahall's Indy cars going through the famous corkscrew turn at Laguna Seca. Stan was able to meet all three of the drivers as well as team owner Paul Newman. Rahall's wife liked the painting so much that she commissioned a similar piece as a gift for Bobby, but this time with Rahall in the lead. Stan is married and lives in Palm Desert. He accepts about 6-8 commissions a year from individuals who want to add a Stokes Original to their own private collections. To quote Bill Deakyne, Stan's publisher, "Stan is a workaholic who really loves what he does for a living, and is constantly trying to improve." It is this constant pursuit of excellence that explains why Stan Stokes is as good as he is at what he does.

 Visit His Site At: The Stokes Collection

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The Brothers Richthofen

Magnificent Courage

Showtime at the Circus

The Ringmaster

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