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Barry Weekley is a world renown artist who's work has dawn on many publications like Grub Street, Over The Front, Cross & Cockade International


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Josef Jacobs

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Remember Me?

 Jasta 2

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Brothers Von Richthofen

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Red Baron's

Last Patrol

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Von TutschekArt.jpg (71646 bytes)

Von Tutschek

Jasta 12

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Kurt Wolff

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Jasta Boelcke

Red Barons 

Last Flight

Downedace_Art.jpg (22695 bytes)

Who Downed the Aces in WW1

The Final Day

The Red Baron's 

Flying Circus

Jasta18_Art.jpg (43394 bytes)

Von Raben Jasta 18

Jasta12_Art.jpg (39520 bytes)

Jasta 12 at Toulis

The Fighting Camels

The Frontal Attack

Jasta 19

Triplane Ace

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