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Barry Weekley



"The Fatal Day"





by Barry Weekley

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Alone in a Winter Sky

by David Pentland


by Nicolas Trudgian

Master of the Skies

by Tim Fisher

FokkerDr1.jpg (283362 bytes) 15217.jpg (144446 bytes) LDotH.jpg (162410 bytes)

  Fokker Dr.1

by Russell Smith


by Russell Smith

Last Dance of the Hussar

by Russell Smith

  LastWord.jpg (22287 bytes)

RB_downs-another_art.jpg (12498 bytes)

ss_ww1n.jpg (7544 bytes)

Last Word

by Dietz James

Dietz James  (U.K)

More (U.S.)

Red Baron Downs Another

by J.Gatti

The Ringmaster

by Stan Stokes

Other Location

Brief-Encounter.jpg (7036 bytes)

RedBaron_Art.jpg (6190 bytes)

KnightoftheSky_art.jpg (7920 bytes)

Brief Encounter

by Gerald Coulson


(The red Baron)


Knights of the Sky

by Nicolas Tungrian

Magnificent Courage_art.jpg (6035 bytes)

FinalVictory_art.jpg (10900 bytes)

Encounter_art.jpg (11212 bytes)

Magnificent Courage

by Stan Stokes

Final Victory

by Rich Thistle

Encounter With

a Legend

by Rich Thistle

Lastcombat_art.jpg (21677 bytes)

160-17Farbzeichnung.jpg (885412 bytes)

L13-2.jpg (102979 bytes)

Last Combat of the 

Red Baron

by Frank Wootton


by Achim Engles

Lucky 13

by Steve Anderson

LastdancewiththeBaron2.jpg (601396 bytes)

Rahn-Pippart _ART.jpg (1345035 bytes)

Rittmeister 100dpi.jpg (525531 bytes)

Last Dance with the Baron

by Steve Anderson


by Steve Anderson


by Steve Anderson

The Baron's Last Sunset.jpg (162180 bytes) Winner Takes All.jpg (592385 bytes) brothersrichthofen.jpg (15330 bytes)

The Barons Last Sunset

by Steve Anderson

Winner Take All

by Steve Anderson

The Brothers Richthofen

by Steve Anderson

Voss's 45th_Art.jpg (406878 bytes) The Joust_Art.jpg (74277 bytes) Iron Eagle.jpg (162734 bytes)

Voss's 45th.

by Steve Anderson

The Joust

by Steve Anderson

Iron Eagle

by Steve Anderson

The New Machine_ART.jpg (729354 bytes) The Hunters_Art.jpg (328487 bytes)

The New Machine

by Steve Anderson

The Hunters

by Steve Anderson

Hunter_Art.jpg (27719 bytes)

Josef Jacobs

by Barry Weekley


by Barry Weekley

Remember Me?

 Jasta 2

by Barry Weekley

BrotherVonRicthofen_Art.jpg (36488 bytes)

Downedace_Art.jpg (22695 bytes)

RB_lastPatrol_Art.jpg (16138 bytes)

Brothers Von Richthofen

by Barry Weekley

Who Downed the Aces in WW1

by Barry Weekley

Red Baron's

Last Patrol

by Barry Weekley

CapturedArt.jpg (33961 bytes)

Von TutschekArt.jpg (71646 bytes)

Kurt WolffArt.jpg (46698 bytes)


by Barry Weekley

Von Tutschek

Jasta 12

by Barry Weekley

Kurt Wolff

by Barry Weekley

Jasta18_Art.jpg (43394 bytes)

The Red Baron's 

Flying Circus

by Barry Weekley

Von Raben Jasta 18

by Barry Weekley

Red Barons 

Last Flight

by Barry Weekley

Jasta12_Art.jpg (39520 bytes) JastaBoelcke.jpg (384554 bytes) fokker-dr1_art.jpg (20086 bytes)

Jasta 12 at Toulis

by Barry Weekley

Jasta Boelcke

by Barry Weekley

Fokker Dr1 Triplane

by Jim Stovall

Kempfs_Dr1_art.jpg (26103 bytes) Fok_Dr1_art.jpg (14669 bytes) Jasta_12_art.jpg (13380 bytes)

Ltn. Kempfs Fokker Dr.I

by Roy Williams

Fokker Triplane

by Jo Kotula

Jasta 12 On Patrol

by Serge Stone

fokker_tri-plane_sopwith_art.jpg (10933 bytes) Mvr80th_art.jpg (14731 bytes) LastFight_art.jpg (23839 bytes)

Fokker Tri-Plane and Sopwith Camel

by Domenic DeNardo

von Richthofen’s 80th

 and Final Victory

by J.B. Deneer

Von Richthofen’s

 Last Flight

by J.B. Deneer

by Chris Thomas

Email Me

by Chris Thomas

Email Me

Voss's Last Flight

by Michael Turner 

Out Of Print

DR1_425_poster.jpg (12995 bytes) dogfight_art.jpg (20323 bytes)

Fokker DR1 Triplane

Available Here

Henry Fullwood (1930)

Email Me


by Joseph Phelan

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