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Welcome to website. I have developed this site to research and identify all 320 Fokker Dr1 planes built during World War One. Only a few of the plane have ever been studied because of there popularity from ether the (ace) pilot that flew them or the detail of the color scheme. I intend to Identify all 320 plane along with having a colored illustration of each one to help preserve it's history.

This site was developed  from a long time fascination with Manfred Von Richthofen and the plane that made him famous from his death. The Fokker Dr1 was a integral part of the first World War though it's development and then finally being replaced by  the Fokker DVII. As of today there are no known original Fokker Dr1 in existents. Many sections and parts can be found in museums like the Imperial War museum in London, England, The Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia and The Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto, Canada.

We hope you enjoy this site and keep coming back to see our progress. You can also help us by contributing by giving financial support and or by supplying photographs and documents. It is our plan to have this turn into the Fokker Heritage Foundation (non-profit organization) for early aviation history & research. The purpose of this foundation will be to research, organize and support "early history" events that enable Americans to learn more about this heritage through direct participation.

Thank you for visiting.

Lloyd Leichentritt


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