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Fokker Dr.I 404/17

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Jasta Unit

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Dr.I 404/17


Goebel Goe III

160 hp


November 1917

January 10, 1918




Jasta 12

Hptm. Adolf Ritter von Tutschek (27)

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Other Jasta Units

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March 15, 1918


11:13:00 AM

Hptm. Adolf Ritter von Tutschek (27)



2nd Lt Harold Bolton Redler, Unit 24, SE5a-no.B79

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Haumptmann Adolf von Tutschek in the cockpit of Fok. Dr.I 404/17 at Toulis, late February 1918.

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Dr.I 404/17 with its new color scheme and new national cross March 1918.

Image #84 "The Fokker Triplane" by Alex Imrie, Pg.60, Arms And Armour)

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